Friday, December 28, 2007

Stop these!

I have to link Latha Vidyaranya's blog here as I am late by half a day Mine would not have been on that particular concern of hers anyway [trees]. Reason: Deccan Herald only had a brief box item [above] this morning. It is really painful to learn so much environmental damage is caused for just a few human mortals' visit for a couple of days. I only hope those 60 invaluable trees are replaced with 400 new saplings - and taken care till it grows well.

Tearfully putting aside that sad-to-learn, irresponsible and intolerable act, the fact that much inconvenience to general and innocent public such VVIPs also cause during their outings cannot be ignored. Look how many people have suffered hardship there in Andaman! Who will compensate for their inconvenience or loss of time and money? Those who have traveled for that day's schedule would have been the most hurt. And this is not uncommon. They keep on happening. Traffic is blocked, held up or diverted for hours and usually on no notice at all. Imagine the plight of those caught amidst the block with no way of turning back and taking an alternate route. Even pedestrians are not allowed to cross the roads on their barricaded route. Why the Prez or PM, even chota netas that visit the city also provide the general public this inconvenience though to a lesser intensity. It happens. And creates panic esp. on routes leading to the bus stand, railway station or airport. Who suffers? It is always, always, always the common man. Those VVIPs will never get to realize such hardship they are causing to the public. Are there any ways to avoid?

Sometimes it makes me wonder why VVIPs move out of their offices every day at all what with so many security guards surrounding them and blocking all their routes. And non-'humpapura' routes are chosen for them, to mislead that roads of the city are good!? There are occasions some are even asphalted in a hurry. One also wonders from where this money comes from in the same hurry.

With all the modern developments in communication systems why not they stay there in their cosy and safe A/C chambers and do most of their work from there? They can do it 'online', cannot they! They can cut 'e-tapes' and sign 'e-guest books' online! Not every time their physical presence should be sought for, for practical reasons. In earlier decades such visits were not considered a problem but somewhat a pleasure, but in recent times they are a pressure - pressure to all officials and more to public! Traffic in cities are already choked. But who will listen? Thousands of people get affected, hundreds of gallons of petrol are burnt, just for a single short visit of a VVIP. There are interesting statistics separately available on how much of the exchequer is spent to keep them 'in office'.

When they go to temples for a short 10-minute visit, people are blocked entry for hours and usually they are all unscheduled visits. What spoil-sports they are!

Some people happily say this year's [2007] Mysore Dasara Procession inauguration was a peaceful affair. Reason: Hardly any interference from those VVIPs [and their chelas]!! Whom should we blame? The rotten system or the person at the helm?

Just some thoughts.


Gardenwife said...

We have similar happenings when people of great import (or so say them, LOL) visit places. Fortunately, there are frequently ways to avoid the standstills. I am glad I don't live in a place they visit, all the same!

Here's a thought: If these "dignitaries" did, indeed, conduct the majority of their business online, would they be thought out of touch and reclusive? Would it backfire?

Dinakar KR said...

I said, 'not every time'. Well, if they really want to, they can, I tell you. But the intentions are different and that is why they want to be everywhere - publicity!