Thursday, January 3, 2008


Now I begin this blog separately here and link the one I posted much earlier, to avoid duplication.

I have added recent pictures in this album
Glimpses of Mysore


Gardenwife said...

What is the man hauling in those large white sacks? It's picture Paldec2910.

ER Ramachandran said...

Thank you! It's Mysore's panarama as it unfolds showing the most elegant, little known things about Mysore, shown in a most caring and unobtrusive way!Cameraman T.S. Satyan would love this. Gret Effort, Dinu. Thanks!

Dinakar KR said...

He must be taking something from the godown to a shop. I cannot guess the contents.

You are welcome. There are a few more in the disk. Have to dig them and add there.

I've to change the titles instead of adding caption - the titles are displayed. Will change that soon.


Chethan said...

Not knowing which of your blogs was the most appropriate place to comment, decided to just put it here..
I visited Mysore & more specifically Gita Road during my trip to India last month. It was for some reason very emotional to me, as I saw my grandparent's house (above the erstwhile ESI hospital). I had to fight hard to hold back getting too emotional in front of my wife and father-in-law who had joined me.The auto-driver did have a strange questioning look, seeing me click photographs in front of some "random" house.I noticed that, what used to be "Shamachar's house" is no longer standing. Seemed like some new/recently built houses, as I breezed through that area.
Made it a point to eat churmuri from the same guy who used to make it near Ballal Circle. It helped sooth the pangs of nostalgia, but the spicy churmuri was something else altogether!
The effect of time was evident in the dilipidated Laxmipuram school; where I've enjoyed playing & watching several cricket matches.
On the whole, the trip, I'm hoping will calm those persistent dreams that used to seem to wake me with choking bouts of nostalgia....
Thanks for hearing me out :)