Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some birds in Chandigarh

It was the middle of February and I found myself up north in the capital of both Punjab and Haryana, the 'City Beautiful', Chandigarh.

The game of cricket had taken me there. But here, let me show some common birds that I spotted during the spare time off the field and caught them with my camera. I could identify some of the birds from limited knowledge and had to refer to Salim Ali's "Book of Indian Birds" for the others on my return home. A bird has been described in that book as a 'Feathered Biped'.

Here are some pictures for you. (All images are copyright)

Need I name this? Quite shy of humans in its habitat. Ran and hid in the bush.

This is the Black Drongo.

Brown headed Barbet (we have the white-cheeked Barbets in abundance in Mysore). It's calls were similar to its Mysore counterpart.

If someone can identify this pair for me, I'd be happy.

The Rose-ringed Parakeet (the male has the band around its neck and the female does not have)

Collared Dove

Red-vented Bulbul. (In Mysore, the Red-whiskered Bulbuls are aplenty)

Slightly different from the Common Myna we have in Mysore, this is the Jungle Myna.

No idea what this bird is. I assume it is a migrant to Chandigarh.

Is this a Greater Coucal?

(Same as the above picture)

I wonder if this is actually a Black Redstart.

The Spotted Owlet

Perhaps the most common of them all and found in huge batches making their typical screeches in chorus, this is the Jungle Babbler.

Found some Tailor birds and Sunbirds also that we find here, but could not photograph them.


I must add that the City Administration has done well in giving these useful creatures of Nature a lovely habitat - trees, shrubs and little jungles. The pleasant climate in Chandigarh at this time makes bird-watching a pleasant experience. They have seen to it that despite the development of the city, the birds also find their undisturbed place for their nesting and breeding. The vegetation feeds them well too. Other cities have to emulate Chandigarh in many respects also. Birds form an important element in Nature.


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sarbjeetbirdwatcher said...

There are plenty of birds in Chandigarh.The pair is ...Rufous Treepie and the one u have mentioned migrant is Brahminy Starling, is very common here.Other two very clear pictures are again of Rufous Treepie not Coucal.No doubt nice pictures.Area near the water control gate east of Sukhna lake is the right place for birdig in the morning.
Good luck
Happy birding in Chandigarh