Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nature Photography can be fun

Just beginning to see the colours of Nature through the lens. Just beginning to get the hang of Nature photography. Just beginning to have a feel of the camera in the palm and fingers - the 'index' finger has to be rechristened 'clicking' finger! Just beginning to try something that I always have wanted, esp. after seeing all those wildlife shots by E.Hanumantha Rao in the Illustrated Weekly of India magazine that my father subscribed and also later met him at the Institute of Engineers after his slideshow.

The hobby has no limits, but time and purse have! So there will be compromises somewhere. These are some of my favourite shots, uploaded on TrekNature. (Haven't added new ones). Hope you enjoy watching the slides. Your responses are always welcome. Helpful and honest critiques would even be better!

I acknowledge my good friend Mr. Achyutha's generosity in sharing some of his vast knowledge [and a few accessories] on the subject [very experienced photographer, now that his clicking finger off the button, his spare time is dedicated to Homoeopathy. More of it in a separate place]. Learnt a few basics from him.

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