Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh poop!

Let me make it clear at the outset that all images in this post are borrowed from the web. Don't 'yuck' at them... they are not real or mine!

I sometimes ponder why people say 'Oh shit!' instead of 'Oh dung!' or 'Oh excreta!' or 'Oh faeces!' or 'Oh stool!' or 'Oh poop!'?  There is even 'Holy shit'! 

Shit has deservedly earned a rightful place in the list of seven most vulgar English words even though is is just to express annoyance, anger or even surprise!  'Googling' will open new vistas on this and you just can't say it is 'bullshit'!  Not for nothing it is one of the most interesting subjects of laughter and fun, even though it is generally unpleasant, like its own smell.

The picture above reminded me of a funny sight which my friend saw and shared with us.  Some years ago he had gone to New Delhi's Pragati Maidan where an agricultural fair was held.  Thousands of farmers and participants attended from different parts of the country. When he once went to the urinals, a sight he will never forget in his life was waiting for him.  Remember it was only the male urinal and one of the urinal pans was full of 'unflushed' fresh shit!  May be it was some villager's work of art in dire emergency, may be he was unable to locate the toilet 'on time', only he will have known.  He may also have had no time to inquire and search for one either, going by the result which left my friend so puzzled that he wonders about it even today:  "How can such a thing be done there, of all places?"  Let us stop wondering its aftermath!  Scavenger coming to clean on his routine... more people visiting the urinal inbetween...and so on!

Many years ago, I was at the Pathologist Lab with my 'sample stool' for test, under advice from my doctor who had clearly told me how much to take and go.  As I was waiting, a villager entered with an old tin jar in hand.  He was also there for the same purpose, but with the entire lot, much to the astonishment of the lab people and a few of us there.  It was a very funny sight of him opening the lid of the box and showing them his 'sample'!  "Can't you bring a small quantity?" asked the lady who was at the reception. "I did not know, so 'this'!" replied the villager, looking at the box in hand.

A decade ago, I saw lots of  neatly arranged human shit on a pavement in Kolkata.  The vendor was selling fake models. The shit was so beautifully molded and so natural in colour and appearance that I almost bought one out of severe temptation.  Just ten rupees.  Even knowing that it was fake, people were closing their nostrils and walking away, laughing at this lovely prank toy which was very similar to this image below!

This is better compared to the work of someone who had made a fantastic cake to resemble an Indian style closet as in this picture below!

Someone would have relished it after it was pictured!

Why should people nauseate so much when they see human fecal matter?  After all it was the same 'raw materials' which had gone in from the upper end of the alimentary canal!  We compare toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube with 'this'. They say "One's own shit doesn't smell."  How right that quote is!

In fact, one's stool is a great indicator of health or lack of it.  So, we must keep an eye on it, not literally. Observe. Dr.N.Krishnamurthy, a renown naturopath and retired Scientist has published a very insightful paper which can be found in this link - [click here]. Oh shit!  How I wish I had known these before!

In our beautiful country, a pile of poop is common sight. Cattle, dog, human, pig, donkey, horse and even elephant sometimes, even now.  Trained [but not toilet-trained!] elephants that are taken for routine walks across the streets for exercise. We were told that stamping on fresh elephant dung has medicinal effects and we did that in our younger days when we found to our luck, some dropping from the pachyderms.

See many uses of the word 'shit' in this link:

"Shit floats to the top."  This is a highly meaningful quote. 

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