Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winking Woman 3D Postcard

In the late 1960s, 3D postcards from Japan had conquered the Indian attraction. It was a great innovation at that time. The lady in the picture winks when the angle of view is slightly altered.  I came to know while web-browsing to gather some stuff for this post that this is made using a process, 3D lenticular printing [click].  The beauty of this was also the illusion of depth.  The photo-card was a gift to my late aunt by her niece. 

I had put it in a photo frame for a number of years.  I had to cut a few millimetres of the card at the bottom to fit the frame.  The link I have provided above gives some information on how these cards are made.  It is a very intelligent process.  At the time of posting this, I also found out that someone is selling this on eBay for close to eight US dollars, 40+ years on! 

In the early 70s, I vividly remember that my late aunt had bought this for me for one rupee and fifty paisa.I bought a 3D keychain at Bangalore railway station before boarding the Mysore train.  Observe the acrobat turning the rings in the legs and hand and the juggling balls. This is another cherished curio in the 'shoebox'.

3D postage stamps were issued by some countries, but Bhutan was the first to issue it in 1962. 

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