Monday, November 18, 2013

Beauty of Setting Full Moon

Last evening was full moon.  The bright and full moon at its pinnacle shone brightly around 11pm and made me compare it with a cool light in the room.   A clear sky and a full disc of moon is a treat to the eyes.

 It was quarter past 5 in the morning when the bladder woke me up.  The eyes opened and the sight of  the moon through the room window floored me.  I had not gone for my morning walk for the past 5-6 weeks.  The moon wanted me to get up and go NOW.  That was the moon's call, so was nature's. 

 Very soon, I was scootering my way to the University Athletic Ground, just a mile away.  When this ground is moonlit like this, it is idyllic, with the grand Crawford Hall as a backdrop.  We get the opportunity to enjoy such a setting esp. in the winter months between November and February/March due to generally clear skies.  Though there will be mist on many occasions, it can be a truly remarkable setting.  I took my little Lumix to capture it.  

Click on pictures to get a magnified view.  I have mentioned time at the bottom of each picture.

That was as soon as I began the 'morning walk'.  I used the backrest of a sitting bench for resting the camera on for shooting these.  Last year, sans the camera, I sat there on that bench and kept gazing at the moon for a long time till I remembered I had gone for a walk!  The moon was the Crawford Hall. 

Continuing my walk the athletic track, like tens of people do, I stopped again to use the fence to rest the camera for the next shot. For the University's Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, a fence and pavement was newly made replacing the old hedge. Now it adds beauty to this setting.  Sun was preparing to say 'good morning' behind me and sending its first beams to the sky. 

Can you spot a dog here in the following picture?  It is on the track too taking its walk as I stopped, shot and strolled.  I slightly brightened the picture just to show the dog.

One round of stroll later, the sun was saying hello behind me, with more beams but only the voice.  He would show his face a short while later.

One more shot zoomed from a different angle.  This time, a Police barricade with wheels kept aside became my 'tripod'.   It was just at the right place for me to align the moon right on top of the building's crown. I had to rest the camera on something for unshaky shots because of poor light [for shooting].

From the same place, one more normal shot. Now the skylight was brightening up.  I said enough for today.  The moon was being obscured by some thin clouds and the show was as good as over.  The moon will be waning from tomorrow and will be setting later than today.

I resumed the walk and joined a senior friend who usually arrives around 6 am.  He walks the track in the clock-wise direction, unlike many.  The next four rounds was with him.  It was time for me to return home.  I bade good bye to him.  The sun had just risen over the Mysorizon  [Mysore horizon]. 

It was a clear morning.  But as I post this, post dinner, there was a heavy shower at half past eight.   

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Susan Hirneise Moore said...

Some of those photos would make great oil paintings! So glad you had your camera with you. That reminds me: I need to put new batteries in the camera I keep in my purse!