Sunday, January 5, 2014

A scooter accident - lucky escape

I was on my way back from a short errand to.the market, on my scooter.  My way from the usually busy market traffic was unusually smooth.  A strange hunch was haunting me at the back of the mind ever since I started.  It was just about one O'Clock, our lunchtime and I was just a furlong away from home.

I had entered Vani Vilas [Double] Road after safely overtaking the two slowing buses which were about to stop at the shelter.  The road was free with no traffic ahead.  I was cruising at a steady 30-35 kph at the most and not rushing.

There was absolutely no traffic, both ahead and behind me, except my scooter.  It is a common occurrence here for people to be crossing road dividers.  At some distance a man was crossing the 18-inch high road divider [Vani Vilas Road].  He was on  my side of the road. There was a gap of about 4-5 feet between me and the road divider which was to my right.   The man was crossing slowly and not looking at the traffic at all.  So I timed my speed many feet in advance, in full control so that he would be safely across when I would pass 6-7 feet behind his back. Not so!!

The man who had passed my line of movement suddenly took a 'U' turn, still not looking at the road. He seemed to be in his own thoughts.   He was now almost in my path.  "Thud"!!  I had shouted in panic "Yaaaaaay" which is quicker than using the thumb to honk in an attempt get his attention.  Braking distance became too short and so was reaction time.  There was no time to change my direction in order to avoid the hit. Left handle of my scooter hit him. I was thrown off the scooter on impact.  See diagram.

I fell on the road, luckily not hitting the road divider.  My right palm landed on the road and my scooter had no rider. I saw stars as in comic books as I turned and lay on my back instantly to gather myself from shock.  I could feel I was generally fine, but my palm near the wrist was numb and there was bleeding from two cuts.  I stood up to evaluate the scenario.  Instantly, as if from nowhere, some people had gathered.  Luckily as there was no traffic at all we were not run over.  Someone had lifted and parked my scooter beside the kerb.

A couple of people helped the shocked old man to the side and made him sit.  My purse along with some hooks I had bought were safe in my shoulder bag which I had put across the chest.  My watch, helmet and glasses were in place too!  I cannot recall when I transferred the camera from the shirt pocket to my shoulder bag after I fell and got up.   It was safe too.  The new walking stick I had bought for mother had suffered a dent and some scratches.  Scooter's front mudguard suffered a twist on impact with the road as it fell.

Having confirmed that the old man was safe, with only a scraped knee and having evaluated my own injury as minimal, I tried to escape the scene as some nasty people who seemed to be looking to raise an issue, as is their wont, stopped me. "What about him, you run away?" said one and snatched the ignition key.

It is always the 'fault' of the the bigger vehicle whatever it is.  So a pedestrian is always 'not at fault'!   So the gathered group, some of whom might have seen whose fault it was, started to target me.  From shock, the mouth was dry and I was surrounded by people who wait for creating scenes in scenes!

I convinced the nasty group that I will not take him to hospital but would personally attend to his injury at my home.  The man too agreed.  I did the first aid to him while I put quick doses of  homeo remedies into his mouth.  I too took them. I sent him away after compensating for 'his fault' with two hundred rupees which he asked.  He felt okay and was satisfied with the attention and the 'monetary reward' he won.  He was a poor villager heading for a hospital with a carry bag containing some reports, prescriptions, bills etc.

Now it was time to attend to my own injuries.  A contusion near the left shoulder blade - I do not know how, those two scrapes on the wrist, a scrape on the elbow.  My scooter had slowed down considerably after I braked on reflex, hence it was only a "low thud".  And luckily my head did not hit the road divider. I had landed about 3 feet away from it.  I felt lucky it was only that much, for both. So that was what the hunching was all about.  I realize whatever should happen happens.  How do we answer to the subtle hunch-warning?  Are we capable? 

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Susan Hirneise Moore said...

I can't quit laughing! I know, I know; this was a horrible event for you and for that other man, but, Dinu, when I saw the drawing, and saw how you drew your body on the ground, I started to laugh so hard my eyes watered! I need to quit laughing! I will waken everyone in this house!
Glad you are alright, Dinu. Seriously.
Now on with the laughter....hahahhahahah