Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anger, in brief

Many years back on one of my trips to Bombay [now Mumbai], I happened to be walking on a pavement in a famous area renown for pavement vendors. At that time, I had a fancy to collect interesting knick-knacks. So my attention fell particularly on one adhesive sticker in a heap of hundreds of other stickers with different pictures, designs and messages. I picked up this innocuous looking sticker [Pictured above - click on it to view it full and read what is printed] and just went through its content. I bought it for a rupee along with a few others to use them for my letter correspondence with friends, which was a hobby at that time.

When I returned home and was leisurely looking at this sticker again, I realized that it was loaded with wisdom and so it never found its original purpose of being bought. But it was one to be held back and displayed under the table-top glass to remind ourselves and others who see it, what "anger" is all about, in just a few simple words! In fact, it was kept on the office desk and gained much popularity. I wonder how many changed their behaviour after appreiating this.

Its price was just a rupee, but its value immense, in terms of meaningfulness!

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