Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dye and die

(Image from the Net)

Many dye before they die. Many oldies dye to look young. Some dye at middle age and also die at old age!

When a certain colleague was suddenly noticed with his hair fully black instead of the usual salt and pepper look, the news spread that "Mr.X has dyed". The pronunciation of that word is the same as 'died'.  So you can imagine the shocked expression when someone heard it!  It happened to a co-worker of mine. Another took it seriously and asked again to confirm the 'news'. Our small group was using this fun pun to good effect, at the dyer's expense!

The above illustration says, 'every gray hair tells a story'. The owner beneath a good set of gray hair produces a look of a person that has gone through a long life.  There is no set number to it.  Gray-haired people appear to be 'people with many stories to tell' or present a 'wise person look'. Sometimes I wonder why people hide these lovely gray strands, taking so much trouble, when the world respects them!

The words 'dye' and 'die' sounded funny to us making the joke.  But it was not seen as funny by the person who had 'dyed'.  Mr.X seemed to enjoy this initially but got wild because it was all about only his 'dying'!  One 'fine day' he gave a piece of his mind to the group and esp. me when he had 'dyed again'.  That was enough to put an end to us making him the scapegoat for this little joke which he did not digest too well because we had also begun to take too much liberties and was too frequent for his comfort.  The lenience had gone to the extent that we had started to ask him directly "When are you going to dye next time?"  When we got his angered response of "What does it matter if I dye or die?" this was stopped!

Some barbers give an appointment to people who wish to dye too. Some people dye on their own - something like suicide! There is a proverb 'A coward dies many times.' But many brave people also 'dye' many times! Some people keep on 'dyeing' all their lives!

The humour did not die but got a new dye as we found some other person who used a different colour (many colours available too), as scapegoat to have a bit of fun with this pun!

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Susan Hirneise Moore said...

I laughed out loud at the line about self-dyeing being like suicide! You got me on that one; I didn't see it coming!
Of course I will never die/dye, as you know....

Kumar Sharma said...

Just went thru this lovely fun-in-pun write-up, now!! I should have seen it yesterday - anyway I am still lucky to read it! (As I think, ' I am still alive', but never dyed - so far).
As for the American Way of putting it 'Every Grey hair you see on my head represents a fuck up!' What they mean is that each such hair shows that he/she made a mistake and has learnt from it: thus meaning 'experienced'.
You may moderate it please, if this language is not permitted in our culture and upbringing.

As for the other reference in your write up, it is the Old English Bard SHAKESPERE who mentions ' COWARDS DIE MANY TIMES BEFORE THEIR DEATH - BUT THE VALIANT NEVER TASTE OF DEATH, BUT ONCE.
from Julius Caeser, it seems.

Thanks for this short and sweet blog!May we have more such!