Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What They Deal - A Rhyming Poem

I am not a poet.  But I like rhyming words.  I observed this fancy for 'playing with words' while talking, from my former elderly colleague Mr.Nagaraja.  He used to break in with some nice and apt humourous words during a conversation. I think the fancy for it also rubbed on to me, a little bit.  

My attempts in composing rhyming poems on three persons was a successful one in our department.  I had brought out most of their qualities in them.  They were a hit during the farewell gathering when they retired at different times around 2000-01 and a 'scroll' of this was presented to them.

Later I was thinking about certain words and found out many that could rhyme.  At that time, I started to make a list of the last words you see in this poem.  I had no plan to compose such a thing and as can be expected, the words were rearranged and lines formed later.  I was happy with the way it turned out, including its title.  Finally in 2004, it took shape like this:

Learn while you Rhyme!

History deals with chaps,
Geography, with maps.
Botany deals with plants,
Architecture, with plans.

Literature deals with books,
Fashion, with looks.
Doctors deal with health,
Scavengers, with filth.

Geology deals with rocks,
Paediatry, with tots.
Photography deals with picture,
Carpentry, with furniture.

Palmistry deals with palms,
Beggars depend on alms.
Hotels engage cooks,
Police hunt for crooks.

Aeronautics deal with planes,
Cartooning, with lines.
Philately deals with stamps,
*Lalloo pokes in scams.

Barber deals with hairs,
Stock market, with shares.
Zoology deals with animals,
Law punishes criminals.

Postmen deliver mails,
Manicurist tends finger-nails.
Biology deals with life,
Dacoit wields the knife.

Astronomy deals with stars,
Mechanics repair cars.
Psychiatry deals with the mind,
We should learn to be kind.

* There is a line on 'Lalloo'. I added it for fun, because at that time, there was so much news in the media about scams involving Lalloo Prasad Yadav, Bihar state's Chief Minister. 

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