Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spur of the moment poem

I was having a fully manual film camera that was given by a friend.  I had tampered with the focus mechanism by opening the lens unit, to see how it worked.  It was working fine and giving good focus for which I did hours of testing!  I had confirmed this by recording the distance from the camera to subject in a diary whenever I took a snap for one or two subsequent rolls I exposed. I was satisfied with the performance.  

This was the camera. The flash came later, given by another friend.

When I saw the print of this particular shot I took of my daughter, I was not surprised.  Because it was not a technical fault, but a handling 'fault', most likely an unsteady hand or an unfavourable aperture/shutter setting. I knew it.  In the spur of the moment, with that picture in hand, the following lines appeared as if from nowhere!

No, no, the earth wasn't quaking,
While my camera was clicking.

These things happen once in a way,
On any unknown night or day.

The camera is of Russian make,
But this photographer is no fake!

Digital cameras now 'warns' us for such results esp. when it reads lighting as poor, but looking at prints was the only way in those days.

About the camera, you will find in the first half of a separate post. Click here.

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